Home Management Binder

April 26, 2010

Home Management Binder’s seem to be rather popular and I can’t deny that I haven’t attempted to make one myself. There are a hundred different ways to set them up, organize them and make them resourceful. I once upon a time set one up myself. However, I cheated, sorta. When I set up my Home Management Binder or rather at the time ‘Control Journal’, I was a Fly Lady activist. I fell off the Fly Lady bandwagon when my family made the great move from Georgia to Pennsylvania and lived in my Parent’s home for 3 weeks.

There was no cleaning necessary for me as I lived at my Parent’s home except keeping an eye on the kids and picking up after them. I helped with dishes and laundry; and if my Mother gave me a task, I did it. It wasn’t my home so plotting my daily and weekly cleaning tasks, wasn’t necessary nor my obligation. Now, over a year living in the state of Pennsylvania, in our own home, I have yet to set one up but have been inspired to do so. I found my old Control Journal with everything Fly Lady said you needed in it. I found my hole punch, my page dividers, my index card box, notebooks, etc. I love office supplies and I knew I had an abundance some where…it was hiding in the dungeon aka the basement.

Having it pulled out now, it’s over whelming. Everything is set up for my old home in Georgia, written in Pen and not useable to an extent any more. Certainly a waste of paper for me now. However, it has given me ideas of how I should set up my binder. As Fly Lady, while you helped me a great deal, it’s time for me to fly on my own. I need a new routine, a fresh start.

I found a great deal of resources, which I will list after this post, but I know one thing. Every Home Management Binder is unique to it’s home. I can not set mine up like someone else’s and expect it to work. S0me Binder’s hold school information, home-schooling work, job-oriented tasks, church information, etc. Thing’s that mine does not need. My kids are not quite at school age yet. Another year to go before Pre-School.

So now, I’m rough drafting how my binder is going to be set up and I’m sure will be a work in progress for weeks, months, possibly years to come. Ever changing, but hopefully, always reliable. So far, this is how I have plotted my Home Management Binder thus far.

  1. Calendar – This will include all upcoming appointments, reminders to make appointments, birthdays, special events, etc.
  2. Meal Plan – Self Explanitory. Plan to have a list of favorite meals as well so when I’m on ‘meal plan burn out’ I’ll have a go-to list.
  3. Cleaning Schedule (Daily, Weekly, & Monthly)
  4. To Do List – Sort of miscellanious. Everything from want to do, to future ideas, etc.
  5. Finances – Will include a list of bills and due dates (along with a bill calendar -so needed-) and every months budget template. I have a template that I use on Google Docs Spread Sheets to keep track of our spending. In May we’re really planning on cracking down on budgeting with new baby and moving creeping up on us.

Right now, it seems intimidating to put it all together. Especially since I’m lacking a printer at the moment. But I’m aiming at a loose goal of having this binder complete within the next two weeks. I know it’s going to be an ever changing binder, within a year 1/2 I’ll have a child in pre-school and one following closely behind her. And with three kids, keeping track of appointments is going to be a must.

Home Management Binder/Notebook Resources:

Simple Mom – Home Management Notebook┬áSeries
Finding Freedom – Home Management Binder Series
Organized Home – House Notebook Series

As I complete my notebook I’ll update my progress and share resources and ideas that have helped me along the way. Right now, I’m writing my 3 MIT’s for tomorrow.

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